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As a Japanese based trading company, we have a wide sales Network in Japan with skilled and experienced staff in the industry


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We have high experienced staff in the industry, that can support you to get into the market and run the business in a long term.

Power Generation

  • Boilers, turbines, and generators for thermal power generation
  • Water turbines and generators for hydra power generation
  • Boilers, turbines, and generators for industrial power generation

Water Facility

  • Facilities related to water supply
  • Measuring instruments
  • Well water filtration systems
  • Tanks and pipe installation works

Piping System

  • High-density polyethylene pipes and joints
  • PP, PVDF, ECTEF pipes and joints
  • Underground pipes and cables inspection technologies

Material & Chemical

  • Wooden fuels, PKS, heavy oil, light oil
  • Resin mold products
  • Flexible containers
  • Polyethylene packaging films

General Industrial Machinery

  • Facilities related to paper making, cement, iron works and mining
  • Other industrial machineries
  • Heavy machines
  • Measurement related facilities

Marine Equipment

  • Various type of vessel
  • Shipboard machines
  • Shipboard materials
  • Water supply pumps for boilers and other pumps

Food Processing

  • Food plant and related equipment
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Aquaculture technology
  • Food residue dryers

Environmental Facility

  • Waste treatment system
  • Biomass system
  • Exhaust gas treatment
  • Wastewater treatment system
  • Other environmental facilities

Construction Machinery

  • Building and ancillary facilities
  • Air conditioning facilities
  • Culture, amusement, and sport facilities
  • Construction equipment

Chemical & Pharma.

  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, and plant system
  • Highly-functional film manufacturing system
  • Measurements and inspections equipment

Business Development

  • Activities related to business investment
  • Rental business (automatic toilet flushers)
  • Renewable energy businesses

Automobile Production

  • Lithium ion battery production facilities
  • Precision measuring instruments (surface roughness, roundness, gears, three-dimensional, etc.) and image processing facilities
  • Balancers

Aqua Culture Business

  • Cage farming for aqua culture
  • Land based aqua culture
  • Sensors and cameras
  • AKVA Group (Norway) all products

Lifestyle Business

  • Plastic bags for shoppings
  • Biodegradable plastic material and its products
  • Packaging material for all kinds
  • Water flushing toilet device

IT Business

  • Drone and its reporting services
  • Hover-bike by A.L.I
  • Software and integrations for industry


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